How to Rock Facebook Live as an Interior Designer

How to Rock Facebook Live as an Interior Designer

The Kate Show | Episode 23

Does Facebook Live scare you? I get it. I used to get heart palpitations at the mere thought of doing a live video. However, after a few tries, I started to get comfortable with it. Facebook Live became more conversational and less scripted for me--and in today's episode I'm sharing exactly how I made Facebook Live easy and fun.

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How to Set up & Structure Your Facebook Live

This couldn't be easier! Use your smartphone, laptop, or desktop (they all have built-in cameras these days), and click "go live." Don't overthink your background or your appearance. While it's important to look decent and professional, much of this comes from your body language adn verbal language.

Wanna know a secret? Over 90% of my Facebook Live videos take place in a closet...and I'm always wearing yoga pants. Nobody cares about these things because they are focused instead on the high quality content I'm sharing. The same holds true for you.

How to Choose a Topic for Facebook Live

Before you do anything else, think about your ideal client. What do they need to hear? Here are a few video styles to get you started:

  • Focus on the questions you are asked frequently by your clients, leads, or followers.

  • Address their pain points and present your solutions.

  • Give a tour of your current project.

Don't Wait to do a Facebook Live

Live video is only going to become more important to your online marketing strategy as the months go by, so don't wait. Sure, you'll be nervous at first, but you'll find your on-camera persona and slip into it effortlessly whenever it's needed.

Doing a weekly Facebook Live video is powerful for your business because it...

  • ...increases your exposure on social media.

  • ...attracts more of your idea clients.

  • ...improves your speaking skills.

  • ...sets you up as a professional and a specialist in your field.

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