How to Run a Design Blog that Actually Helps Your Business

How to Run a Design Blog that Actually Helps Your Business

The Kate Show | Episode 30

Have you tried (and failed) at blogging for your interior design, staging, or window treatment business? Blogging can be difficult if you don't know how to structure each post, what to write about, or how often to post new articles. 

In this episode of The Kate Show, I chat with my best friend (in real life) Jaquilyn Edwards of Ochre & Beige. Jaquilyn shares valuable tips, such as...

  • How many times per month should we update our blog? Is there a magic number?

  • What is the ideal word count of a blog post?

  • What should we talk about in our blog posts to keep them interesting and relevant?

  • What is the anatomy of a successful blog post?

  • Where can designers find safe stock photos?

  • How can we make sure our blog posts are easily found by Google?

  • What should we do with a blog post after we write it?

...and so much more.

The episode is sponsored by My Design Assistant, virtual assistant services for interior designers:

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Meet Our Guest

Jaquilyn K. is the founder and lead writer at Ochre & Beige, the only blogging studio that ghostwrites exclusively for interior designers. She believes that, given the right tools and approach, anyone can create a design blog that works just as hard as they do for their business.

Jaquilyn has over 7 years of content creation experience, along with a background in design, marketing, startups, tech, and business development.

She is also known to travel abroad often in search of design inspiration she can share with clients. This year's excursions have included central Japan and several countries in western Europe.

Interested in hiring Jaquilyn to write your design blog? Head over to Ochre & Beige to check out her samples and service packages.

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