How to Run Paid Ads that Bring Great Clients

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The Kate Show | Episode 62

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The last time you ran a printed or digital ad for your business, what was your ROI? If you aren't sure, you can be sure about one thing: The ad didn't work. Before you get frustrated and write off paid ads entirely, let's review how this advertising situation went down:

  1. Did your ad have a compelling call-to-action that didn't rely on a discount or a promotion? (Using a discount, sale, or promotion as your unique selling proposition is the fastest way to label your brand as discounted or cheap, which leads to bargain-hunting clients who won't value you.)

  2. Did you have a sales funnel in place to take ad viewers from the ad itself (print or digital) to your website?

  3. If so, did your website have an easy way for hot leads to book a Discovery Call with you right away? And did your website allow cool and warm leads to join your mailing list so that you at least had their contact information for future projects?

  4. Did your website state exactly who you serve, how you serve them, and why - to make it easy for your ideal client to recognize him/herself in your brand?

When a client tells me that her past ad runs resulted in next to no phone calls, I know that at least one of these pieces was missing. While I'm not a huge fan of paid advertising in general, I do know how to make an ad work, and we're diving into every detail in this episode of The Kate Show. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes or Google Play.

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How to Set Up an Ad for Success

Placing an ad is just step #1, and ads only meant to attract the viewer, not nurture the lead and close the sale. However, many small business owners who attempt social media ads, Google Adwords, and magazines ads don't realize this and end up spending significant money on an ad that was never set up to work from the start.

This results is lost money, frustration, lowered confidence, and the tendency to take any project that happens to cross their path - an act of desperation that I was all too familiar with in the early years of running my business.

I didn't used to know how ads worked, what a sales funnel did, or why I needed one. Marketing sounded over-complicated and ambiguous....and I wanted NOTHING to do with any of it. Fast forward 5 years, I now run an international marketing company. How on earth did that happen?

Well, I figured out the basics of marketing and advertising and realized it's actually quite easy. Unfortunately, gimmicky sales tactics and faulty marketing tips (which are promoted to make that company a lot of money by convincing you that you need more than you actually do) have muddied the waters. Marketing is simple, and advertising is a tool that can be used correctly or incorrectly, but it is by no means complicated.

Quick Tips for Creating a Successful Paid Ad

-Know who your ideal client is, right down to their habits and hobbies, so you can show up where they already are

-Before placing an ad with any online or digital source, make sure your ideal clients are naturally already making that source a part of their daily lives

-Ask your ad venue for proof of ROI; if they can't provide it, don't waste your money with them

-Ask your ad venue for samples of their most successful ads; study those ads for composition, size, layout, and design; also note the call-to-action they used

-Have your ad professionally created by a graphic designer

-Set up your sales funnel as such: Ad > Call to action that send them to website > mailing list opt-in on website for cold and warm leads > call booking feature on website for hot leads > website verbiage that speaks to your ideal client


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