How to Talk to Clients When You're a Total Business Newbie

How to Talk to Clients When You're a Total Business Newbie

The Kate Show | Episode 12

If you just started your interior design or home staging firm, you've realized a few things (and if you haven't yet...spoiler alert!).

  • You are going to feel like you need to explain your reason for existing.

  • You are going to feel uncomfortable and fake when you tell people what you do.

  • You are going to feel judged. Period.

  • You are going to feel like your IQ dropped the day you launched your business because you have so much to learn.

  • You will feel sick about sending estimates, invoices, or verbalizing your pricing structure in any way.

AND THIS IS OKAY. You're normal. Even the most successful business owners go through these exact stages of self-doubt, self-deprecation, and self-judgement. It's important for you to realize, however, the common denominator in those terms: Self.

Your biggest hurdle to overcome when starting your business is SELF. Get out of your own way and focus on your ideal client.
— The Kate Show

That said, you are also your own key to success. You have innate skills and knowledge that not even your closest competitors have, so capitalize on that! Share your personal stories, the ones that made you who you are today and lead to the birth of your business. The more stories you share, the more you will attract people who would truly want to do business with you.

Why is that? Simply put, people do business with people, not with businesses. Instead of hiding behind your service offerings and talking only about those things, increase the surface area for which people can connect with you.

You might connect with a potential client over your mutual love of cabernet, or your family life, or your struggles with self-acceptance. You will rarely connect with someone solely based on their immediate need for your immediate service. In fact, hiding behind your services really limits your reach. 

In the words of brilliant boss babe Jenna Kutcher, "Build a brand, not a business."

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