My Digital Baby: A Labor of Marketing Love

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The Kate Show | Episode 40

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In 2015, I had finally started to figure out who I wanted to serve (the home industry) and how I wanted to serve them (marketing). More specifically, I had honed my ability to write effective sales copy and had turned my attention almost exclusively to email marketing.

One of my biggest regrets in business is not sending my own monthly newsletter from day one. After I realized how powerful email marketing was, I started offering email newsletters services to my clients and eventually moved those email templates to a membership platform. The impact was astonishing and led to the birth of Socialite Vault, a suite of marketing tools that serves home industry professionals in every major English-speaking country.

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The Backstory

Before launching Socialite Vault, I was maxed out. It took hours for me to create just one newsletter, severely limiting the number of clients I could serve. I would draft the text, curate the images, and design the layout - all while making sure none of the above would repel my clients’ potential leads or get caught in spam filters. I created a method that worked wonderfully at bringing more projects to my clients’ pipelines, but was far too labor-intensive.

Plus, the cost to create a newsletter only increased, and I was ever-conscious of the fact that my clients had small marketing budgets. It was a conundrum.

My husband suggested that I create reusable templates to save myself time and be able to take on more clients. I didn’t think his idea would work at first, but I eventually saw the wisdom in his suggestion (thanks, honey!).

Two years later, I’m running a thriving suite of marketing tools for interior designers, workrooms, and home stagers called Socialite Vault. The Vault contains everything you need to market your business in the home industry - from email newsletters to social media images and captions to lead magnets and (coming soon) moodboards, brochures, and client onboarding packages.

Everything is customizable, professional, and beautiful. Best of all, it is offered at a realistic price point and requires zero contracts or commitments. Plus, I continue to create and add to the Vault each time a member sends a request to our team.

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