Marketing Words that Repel or Attract Your Ideal Client

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The Kate Show | Episode 53

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I’ll bet you can think of at least one person who talks about themselves…a lot. I’m also sure you’ve noticed how difficult it is to have a relationship with that person. Whether they realize it or not, talking about the subject they know best, themselves, is a great people-repellent. In business, this is also true and not only comes at the expense of potential relationships, but also at a loss of income.

If you hop over to your website home page right now, what does the first headline say? Chances are high that you’re talking about your business, “We are an interior design firm in NYC,” or perhaps, “We design custom window treatments,” or even, “Professional Home Staging Services.”

While it might seem to make sense at first, talking about yourself or your business (leading with that thought) or worse, leading with price (we’ll save you money, book a free in-home consult, etc) gets your marketing verbiage off on the wrong foot from the first step.

The first thing you say in your website, social media, or email newsletter verbiage makes it clear where your heart is and what your intentions are. It either enhances the rest of your message or voids it.
— The Kate Show

Instead, you should lead with statements like….

  • “Stress-Free Interior Design for Busy Career Women”

  • “Profitable Home Staging for Investors & Realtors”

  • “Elegant Soft Home Furnishings for Your Design Clients”

These phrases do three things: They illicit an emotion, state what your business is, and state who it is targeting. In less than three seconds, your potential client will know whether to keep reading or click away.

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Disclaimer: This episode is jam-packed with information. Many of my listeners say they take notes during the show. Ladies and gents, this is one of those heavy note-taking episodes. Have your pens ready.

After working with hundreds of interior designers, home stagers, and workrooms, I’ve seen this issue pop up again and again: talking about their businesses instead of the client, leading with price instead of value and the emotional experience. Unsurprisingly, these same clients also struggle with SEO and client attraction.


You might not be the best writer, but you do have a good personality. (I know because I’ve spoken with so many of you.) You also truly care about your clients, and you aren’t in business just to make a fast buck.

….so lead with that. Make the first statement, sentence, or headline on each marketing piece you own (website, social, email newsletter, etc.) all about your ideal client and how they will feel / benefit from working with you.

In this episode of The Kate Show, I read real examples of website copy that follow these savvy parameters for maximum impact. This verbiage instills trust in the potential client that you, the business owner, understand their needs and have thought of a solution. It also contributes heavily to SEO. Why? Because you’re speaking like your customer and putting the exact same words on your website that they’ll be googling to find you.

It kind of makes a ton of sense when you look at at that way. It also means that you don’t have to be the greatest writer to be a successful marketer; you just need to let your clients know how much you care about them - something you likely excel at already in person.


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