Meet DesignerInc: Amazon of the Interior Design Industry

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The Kate Show | Episode 41

What happens when a former Google employee and founding member of Youtube sets her sights on the interior design industry? To sum it up: You get DesignerInc., the Amazon of the trade-only interior design industry. is the most comprehensive trade-only marketplace for the interior design industry, and it is free to all registered interior designers. Amassing hundreds of thousands of trade-only furniture and decor products from over a 1,000 vendors, DesignerInc offers the only seamless online solution to source and purchase furniture and decor, and it is a cost effective, smart, marketing channel for trade-only manufacturers with an audience of nearly 10,000 registered designers.

I had the honor of inviting DesignerInc. founder Heather Gillette to be on The Kate Show. Our conversation covered her time helping Youtube get its start (from humble beginnings above a pizza shop to the behemoth it is today), how she feels about Google (hint: we both love their company culture), and how she launched an e-design firm (since closed) that met the needs of middle class, style-loving homeowners and revealed the deep need for a platform like DesignerInc.

If you’re an interior designer who spends way too much time sourcing or chasing down product, you’re going to love this episode.

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It isn’t often that I’m able to share a video of my guest. Enjoy!