Secrets of an HGTV Designer with Guest Rachel Moriarty


The Kate Show | Episode 86

What does it take to become an HGTV interior designer and receive public acknowledgement from the Real Estate Staging Association as one of the most influential people in the industry? My special guest, Rachel Moriarty will tell you.

I had the opportunity to interview Rachel as part of the Socialite Vault Influencer Program and knew I'd need to have her on The Kate Show to more fully capture her business wisdom. Rachel has myriad of experience growing a design brand, generating publicity, and even developing her own line of mosaics. If you want to follow in her footsteps, today's episode will show you how to get started.

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About Our Guest

Rachel Moriarty is an award-winning designer whose work over the last 14 years has delivered her own sense of bold + playful patterns and brilliant + bright strokes of color throughout San Diego County. In addition to her iconic design projects, she recently launch a signature tile line with Elegant Mosaics in tandem with Laticrete's PermaColor Select Program.

Described as a leading interior design influencer, Rachel, was recently named one of the Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging. Celebrated and featured by Vision Magazine, San Diego Magazine, San Diego Home Garden/Lifestyle Magazine, The Design Network and HGTV. Named as the Brand Ambassador for The Design Network, Rachel was credited as part of the design team that developed their eDesign Platform. Alumnus for both the Red Carpet Tour and Trendspotter for the Modenus Designhounds KBIS Tour, she is also a #1 best selling author, and a sought after presenter on the subjects of color and visibility.

Topics Discussed

You'll need to listen to the episode to hear Rachel's answers.

  • You used to be a banker. What made you want jump from finance into the home industry and do you find that your financial experience has helped you grow as an entrepreneur?

  • I ask this question a million times a week because it is oh-so-important: Who is your ideal client and why did you choose them?

  • "Overnight success" take years to come to fruition. What was the first "win" you earned as a designer or stager?

  • Was there ever a point in your design journey that you felt like giving up? What prevented you from quitting?

  • How has your view of yourself and your skills changed from your first year in business through today?

  • When did you realize that video was the secret sauce to your marketing and in what ways have you leveraged it in your business?

  • Listeners of The Kate Show often struggle with having enough confidence to put their face in front of a video camera or share snippets of their personal lives. What would you say to encourage these fellow designers and stagers?

  • Here at Socialite, I've seen designers, stagers, and workrooms struggling to "keep up" with their marketing and feeling concerned that they are never doing enough to put themselves out there. What are the basic things every home industry entrepreneur should do to ensure they are on the right track?

  • And equally important: Is there any marketing or business tactic you feel they should avoid?

  • What is the biggest misconception people have around being an HGTV designer or achieving other pillars of success? For example, it's easy to think, "Well, she was born with more opportunity," or, "She knew all the right people," but what is the reality?

  • How did you go about getting your own designer line of mosaic tiles and do you have any tips for someone who wants to create their own line of products?

  • What online or offline tools do you use daily to run your business? We'll link to them in the show notes.

  • What is your social platform of choice and how do you use it for business? How often do you create new content? Do you have any tips around reusing or re-purposing your content?


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