Simple & Effective Custom Workroom Marketing Plan

Simple & Effective Custom Workroom Marketing Plan window treatments interior design.png

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The Kate Show | Episode 74

Do you run a soft furnishings workroom? Do you struggle with marketing? I get it. After speaking with countless workroom business owners, I recognize the special challenges you likely face when it comes to marketing your business.

Whether you serve residential clients, trade-only, or both, you'll find this episode of The Kate Show to be a helpful, actionable plan you can implement right away to start marketing your business more efficiently.

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Elements of Successful Workroom Marketing

Below is my presentation from a Window Coverings Association of America (WCAA) lunch'n learn presentation I did back in April of this year. As an industry partner, national board member, and marketing chairman of the WCAA, I was able to dig deep into the specific struggles that workrooms face.

If you run a window treatment or upholstery workroom, or if you are an interior designer who wants business support and vendor discounts, you should look into getting a WCAA membership. Either way, enjoy a sneak peak at my presentation slides below.

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