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How to Conquer the Facebook Zero Algorithm Update

Does it seem like no one is seeing your Facebook posts? It's because they aren't.

Last week, I mentioned that 95% of your Facebook fans don't see what you post on your business Facebook page. Why is this? Today on The Kate Show, I go in-depth about Facebook Zero, what it is, and how you can have a successful social media strategy "because of" it, rather than "in spite of" it.

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How to Streamline Social Media & Blogging for Interior Design

Do you feel like you have to constantly create new content for social media? Are you brain-weary from trying to come up with new blog post ideas and find yourself going weeks without publishing any content?

I get you--because I'm the same way. Coming up with new content all the time is stressful and time-consuming. Setting big goals for yourself, such as promising to post in Instagram every single day, is a great way to burn yourself out and end up doing zilch with your online marketing.

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