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8 Dangerous Marketing Tactics You Should Avoid

Have you noticed the plethora of marketing advice being thrown around on social media? Me too. Some of it is so smart and so brilliant that it makes me proud to count myself among the ranks of "marketer."

But not all advice is sound. In fact, I've seen and heard a few marketing tips lately that have been proven to do more harm than good. I know this because I've either tried these tips myself or because my clients have come running to me for help after trying them.

Let me be clear: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I'm sure everyone has a reason for imparting specific pieces of advice. However, it is my job to warn you if I see you being (potentially) led astray by the latest and greatest marketing ploy.

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How to Streamline Social Media & Blogging for Interior Design

Do you feel like you have to constantly create new content for social media? Are you brain-weary from trying to come up with new blog post ideas and find yourself going weeks without publishing any content?

I get you--because I'm the same way. Coming up with new content all the time is stressful and time-consuming. Setting big goals for yourself, such as promising to post in Instagram every single day, is a great way to burn yourself out and end up doing zilch with your online marketing.

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