The Truth Behind Social Media Influencers on Instagram

The Truth Behind Social Media Influencers on Instagram

The Kate Show | Episode 15

Are you obsessed with getting more fans on social media? If not, do you wonder why other people seem to be chasing the status of "social media influencer" down a long, black hole? This race to some unknown finish has pressured some businesses to buy likes / followers, post polarizing content, and join Instagram pods--all for the sake of reaching that elusively high follower count.

What is going on here?

I had the great joy of interviewing my friend, business confidant, and social media influencer Laura Ehlers for this episode. We get real and raw as Laura explains the massive amount of work required to sort through and participate in brand deals, what business owners need to understand before even attempting to become an influencer, and why living the life of an influencer has become so overrated.

During our conversation, we covered the following:

  • How did you become an influencer on Youtube and Instagram?

  • What exactly is an influencer?

  • What misconceptions do most people have around being an influencer? Time to bust some myths!

  • How do brands approach you for collaborations and what could they do better?

  • Do you require brands to pay a fee? If so, how do they respond to that?

  • Do you like the "product for post" model of compensation? If not, why?

  • How do you handle sharing your personal life on Instagram?

  • Do you ever get attacked by trolls? How do you handle them?

  • Is becoming an influencer a worthy goal or how can we reframe the picture-perfect distortion around social media influencers?

  • What would you say to someone in business who feels that becoming an influencer will "make everything better"?

This episode is for myth-busting realists and truth-seekers only.

About our guest:

Laura is the holistic health consultant behind, where she hopes to empower chemically conscious women to make the best choices for their lives regarding the products they use in their personal care routine and their homes through courses, free youtube videos, blogs and her podcast Non-Toxic Pursuits. She is a part of a unique set of instructor-influencers, in that she educates while sharing her reviews and routines.

Instagram: @laurasnaturallife

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