Why Marketing is so Difficult for Home Industry Businesses

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The Kate Show | Episode 54

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“Marketing takes too much time.”

“I tried ______ to market my business and it didn’t work; I’ll never try it again.”

“If I want results, I need to spend money on ads.”

Ever caught yourself thinking these things? I hear them all the time from interior designers, stagers, and workroom owners. Marketing has been painted as being difficult and expense (mainly because marketing / ad / PR companies want you to justify spending a lot of money with them….just saying).

Here at Socialite, we do things a big differently. The basis of our brand is, “Marketing isn’t magic, but it IS easy.” I live out that philosophy in my business every day, and today on The Kate Show I’m sharing a few ways you can adopt this mindset, too. Once you do, marketing will become less time-consuming, less expensive, and you might actually like it.

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5 Reasons Marketing is Harder Than It Should Be

  1. Not having a niche market or ideal client: It’s hard to market when you have no idea who is the recipient of your message and leaves you with a lack of things to say.

  2. Not defining what successful marketing results would realistically look like in your business: Saying you want “more social media followers” tor “more phone calls” isn’t a goal. It’s a vague idea that you need to flesh out.

  3. Not showing up as a real person when trying to attract real people: Marketing is about the relationship between you (not your business) and your potential clients. It’s hard to have a relationship with someone who hides behind their services, never shows their face on social media, and uses 3rd person verbiage on their website…to name a few pitfalls!

  4. Running ads or promotions instead of being personable: Google ads and boosted social media posts aren’t a replacement for your personality, your stories, or your passion for what and why you do what you do. Like Pantone Color of the Year, Living Coral, ads can accent your marketing, but they shouldn’t cover every inch of it.

  5. Being everywhere online and getting nowhere: If you are on more than two social platforms, you’re likely doing too much and the quality of your posts are likely suffering or the posts themselves are highly sporadic. (By the way, Pinterest is a search engine and doesn’t count toward your “social” presence.) Quality is better than quantity; choose one social platform, post 3x per week, and move on with your life. Make sure you understand and use a complete marketing funnel so that your concentrated efforts actually result in new leads.


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