Why My Faith is Integral to My Entire Business Model

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The Kate Show | Episode 49

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I’ve heard from many business owners that they are afraid to share their personal beliefs under the umbrella of their businesses. They have a litany of reasons that, at first glance, sound worthy of consideration:

“My business shouldn’t involve my personal life.”

“Topics like religion and politics should be avoided at all costs so that we don’t offend anyone.”

“I might lose clients if they believe differently than I do.”

As a business owner who has become very open about faith and business over the past couple years, I’ve gotten a radical perspective on faith and business. Surprisingly, I’ve realized that the more personal I make my business, the more people want to connect with, partner with, and work with my brand.

I’ve also discovered some non-offensive, effective ways to share my faith. In today’s episode of The Kate Show, you’ll hear my reasons for making faith the compass of my business as well as how my customers directly benefit from it.

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What Happens When I am Transparent about My Faith

I’ve learned the right way to discuss religion that runs a very low risk of offending people who believe differently. I’ve also realized that keeping my beliefs a secret means that I would be prioritizing my business over my faith.

Either I believe, or I don’t.

I’ve had a client or two stop working with me once they heard me talk about God. They stated this as being the exact reason they were terminating the relationship, and I was relieved to have the intolerant people identify and remove themselves. Life is too short for prejudice behavior.

Easy Ways to Share Your Faith in Business

I’ve seen so many powerful business women blatantly and unapologetically share their faith in ways that are the farthest thing from offensive. Here are a few tips I gleaned from them that I hope you’ll consider using:

  1. Add your favorite Bible verse to your email signature. Albie Buabeng of The eDesign Experience does this beautifully.

  2. Share the story of your company on your website and highlight how God lead you to running a business. Michele Williams of Scarlet Thread Consulting showcases her story boldly.

  3. Occasionally talk about God’s impact on your life in a social media post. I’ve been doing this more frequently, and those posts always get the most positive attention. People need and want to hear the message!

What if You Don’t Believe or Have Had a Bad Experience with the Church?

First, I want to apologize on behalf of all Christians. If you were hurt by someone claiming to follow God, you’ve seen the bad apple in the basket. We aren’t perfect people. We are learning and making mistakes every day. We are supposed to love you more than we love even ourselves, and we are supposed to treat you the way we’d like to be treated.

Second, I truly want you to understand that every time you listen to my podcast, like my posts on social media, or engage with my business in anyway, you are directly benefiting from a faith-driven business and it is no coincidence that you are here.

You are loved. You have a purpose. You have value that no amount of failures or mistakes can take away from you. I hope you hear that message throughout my brand. My business is a mission in disguise!


I highly recommend the book Imagine Heaven for all believers, agnostics, and atheists who have lost a loved one. It will forever change the way you think about religion, death, and Heaven.

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