Why Success in Business is Related to Identity & Confidence

Why Success in Business is Related to Identity & Confidence

The Kate Show | Episode 25

Interior designers and home stagers, do you struggle with becoming a successful business owner? Do you feel fake or unworthy? Do you fear that if your clients knew who you really were, they wouldn't hire you? Are you hesitant to charge more for your services?

I used to have these fears, and I never liked talking about them--too many painful emotions. However, one of my listeners emailed me recently and asked the question I'd been only vaguely answering up to this point:

How did you become okay with being successful, making money, and not feeling guilty? How do you reach the point of feeling valuable and acting like it? I try so hard to do everything right, but I can barely make ends meet after all these years. Am I simply not meant to be successful?
— as taken from a listener email

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This is such a loaded question. I spent days taking notes, practicing what I was going to say in the car (yep, #podcasterlife) and second-guessing my outline. The answer to this question is crucial, and I didn't want to screw it up, confuse you further, or discourage you.

...but you know me. I tend to say things as they are (maybe it's a midwestern thing?).

Here is the tale of a girl who came from nothing, who believed she was nothing, who felt unloved, unsuccessful, and trapped in an endless cycle of try-fail-repeat.

Spoiler alert: You'll love the ending. I made one "simple" mindset shift that redirected the trajectory of my business and, more importantly, forever changed how I view myself.

Get ready for some intense mindset work and a new (perhaps polarizing) perspective on the age-old problem of business profits and imposters.

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