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Do any of these sound like you?

"I don't have enough money to hire a professional writer or marketer."

"I could write my own newsletter, but I just don't have the time."

"I have no idea how to write a newsletter or why I should."

"I need more leads and new projects--fast!"


If you don't use a regular email newsletter to stay in touch with your past and potential clients...

your competitors will.


Sending an Email Newsletter is the Easiest Way to Book New Projects & Create Repeat Clients

"I got a new project less than 12 hours after sending my newsletter from Socialite. 

...And that isn't the first time I've landed new projects directly from sending a premade newsletter with Socialite. I get a minimum of 3 new leads per month!

My newsletter is so easy to customize, and my readers love it." 

Andrea Hedquist, owner of Exquisite Windows & Decor

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I don't have to write my newsletter. I just add my logo at the top, my headshot at the bottom, and even a short bio.

I can change any of the text or images as I please, but I rarely want to change anything. It just looks so pretty as it is.

Each photo is safe to use. If it's not a stock photo with a CC license, it's purchased directly from the photographer. I never have to worry about copyright legalities.

It takes less than 15 minutes to customize my newsletter and it never looks cookie-cutter. (This is because Kate, the creator, spends HOURS perfecting each newsletter. Yikes, who has time for that?)

My readers love the content-and they still think I write all of it myself. These newsletters make me look so collected and professional, and I love that.

My assistant can use Socialite, and the result is always consistent. Sometimes I ask my admin to customize the newsletter and send it out. My readers never know the difference! 

Using Socialite requires ZERO marketing savvy. I design window treatments, not sales letters, so I appreciate that Socialite does the heavy-lifting for me. Before Socialite, I had no idea how to sell my services through an email newsletter. Now, it just happens!

I get all the technical help I need when I need it. If I'm not sure how to set up my MailChimp account or have some other techy question, Kate helps me immediately. I just post my question in our private Facebook group, and help arrives! It's like calling 911 but way more fun.

I get my marketing confusion cleared up. Before Socialite, I wasn't sure what a hashtag was, and I had some questions about blogging. Kate is able to answer any marketing question for any topic, even if it's unrelated to my membership.

I will never need to hire a marketing company or have a marketing person on staff. I've got my email and social media all taken care of, thank you very much. 

I'm in complete control of my marketing, my budget, and my business. I'm not a control-freak, but I love being able to call the shots. With Socialite, I can do that.

Your Monthly Membership Includes...


3 Email Newsletters Per Month

(No writing = no writer's block)


Facebook & Instagram Posts

(Unlimited; includes images, captions & hashtags)


Unlimited Marketing & Tech Support

(and we do mean unlimited)

Because you're a member of The Network, we will customize & send your first 3 newsletters for you at no additional cost.

No contracts, no minimum monthly commitment. Cancel anytime.

Kate is a lifesaver for busy interior designers and window treatment pros!!!! Easiest way to level up your marketing and maintain quality!!
— LuAnn Nigara, host of A Well Designed Business Podcast

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure the email newsletters will sound like me?

Everything is customizable, so you can add your logo, your own photos, or tweak the wording if you want.

Does this program work with ConstantContact?

No, this program works with MailChimp only. MailChimp is a free service that is much easier to use than ConstantContact. Many of our customers have left ConstantContact for MailChimp and no one has regretted it.

What if my competition uses this program too? Won’t our emails sound alike?

Not if you customize yours. Customizing an email newsletter takes about 10 minutes and makes all the difference.

Will you send my email newsletter for me?

Sending a newsletter is so easy that you'll want do it yourself. Be sure to watch our product demo above.

Will you post things on social media for me?

While we won't post to social media for you, we will give you all the tools and content you need to do it yourself.

What if I only want to use the newsletters--or maybe just the social posts--can I get a discount?

No, this is a flat fee. We encourage you to use all three aspects of your membership, the newsletters, the social media, and the private Facebook group, to get the most out of your investment.

I still have questions. Can I contact Kate?

Yes, send your questions to

No contracts, no minimum monthly commitment. Cancel anytime.