Photography by Stephen Kornacki

Photography by Stephen Kornacki

Kate Greunke, Founder

Remember when Charlie Brown talked about having a crush on "a little red-haired girl"?

Well, from the age of 8, I was convinced that Charlie B. had a crush on me. It was flattering.

...but much like that elusive redhead on Peanuts, I was completely unknown until recently. I grew up in the hills of southern Wisconsin, didn't get a smartphone until college, and bought my family's first flat screen TV as an elaborate Christmas gift.

"And this is the woman who now runs an online company?? Should we trust her?"

...would it help if I told you that I didn't even have real internet for the first 3 years of being in business? Oops, I guess that makes it worse. ;)

My husband and I live near Madison, WI, now--just far enough into "the sticks" for DSL internet to be out of reach until just recently (hurray for 21st century technology!).  

I love living in the middle of nowhere, and I love running my company from anywhere.

I delight in having my coffee on the front porch, listening to my husband sing in the background (making up his own lyrics to church hymns, usually) and watching our German Shepherd chase birds in our six acre yard. I thrive on taking afternoon walks between endless fields of corn when I need a break from my desk.

My journey was untraditional from the start.

Photography by Nicholas Hanson

Photography by Nicholas Hanson

I became a published fiction author at age 17, when I was offered a contract for my suspense-filled romance, The Forbidden Mansion. I later attended the University of Wisconsin and Thomas Edison State University. Two and a half years later, I emerged with my Bachelor of Arts in English / Professional Writing. I was already in the traditional workforce at this point but remained restless. I had mastered blogging and SEO at my corporate position and realized that all aspects of business interested me, especially the ability to influence buying decisions through the savvy use of words and images.

I began my marketing company without having a clue about business. I could write and work hard. I wasn't competitive with anyone except myself, but I had a lot of trouble believing in myself and in assigning a dollar value to my talents. 

Then I met a man online. And married him 51 weeks later.

I met my husband, Matt, on Christian Mingle. I'd been on the online dating platform for three days, then BOOM, there he was. (Why was I dating online? Up to that point, I'd been too busy with school and work to worry about my love life. No problem, my family worried about it for me and encouraged me to get I did.)

Any happiness I had experienced to that point was multiplied ten-fold with Matt in my life. I knew from the moment I met him that I was going to marry him--I just didn't expect him to propose six months later! In 2014, we got married, I started my business, and we relocated. 

It was a lot.

Diesel the German Shepherd

Diesel the German Shepherd

Oh, and we got a dog. He's the only reason why I don't feel the need to have a baby yet. ;) 

Life changed very quickly when I announced that my business would only serve interior designers and window treatment professionals.

A few people questioned my sanity, but Matt believed in me--even when I barely made a dime. After I rebranded and focused my attention on the home industry, I found myself catapulted into a world I never thought I'd reach so quickly. Because I narrowed down my niche market, prayed for guidance, and leaned on those who have more business sense than I do, my little company tripled. Then doubled. Then doubled many times over.

That's why I tell my clients today, "Finding your niche market is everything."

Focusing exclusively on how interior designers and window pros should market their businesses has landed me interviews with podcasts, magazines, brand partnerships, a spot on the National Board of Directors for the WCAA, and an opportunity to be a guest instructor for Graber Business University.

I don't teach my clients a certain technique, recommended an idea, or offer a suggestion without first trying it myself or implementing it on one of my beta testers, which is why I can say with confidence that 100% of what I teach actually works.

I introduce my clients to the overlooked power of email marketing, the right way to do social media, and the best website presence to drive their sales all the way home. The methods I use and the strategies I implement work consistently and measurably. (Just ask my beta testers in the trenches of the home industry.)

Interested in what I have to offer?

From newsletters and social media management to website design and an online course that teaches you how to build your own website, my company has become the one-stop shop for all of the digital marketing needs facing the interior design community.