Social Media Management

Our goal is to make your company feel personable, relatable & authentic.

As an interior designer, decorator or home stager, your presence on social media determines whether the first impression new clients have of your brand will be memorable or forgettable. It also determines whether shelter magazines will notice and feature your content. Basically, social media matters.

You are a good fit for our custom management services if you understand that social media is not a sales tool, that it's not a place to constantly blast fans with your latest promotions, and that it's a place to build relationships. If you expect social media to result in instant sales, we need to have a little chat. ;)

The goal of any social platform is to send the right fans to your website.

A Socialite management package ensures that your social accounts maintain a consistent brand aesthetic, stay updated with regular posts, attract your ideal clients, and send qualified leads to your website. We don't rely on Instagram pods, follow gangs, clickbait or paid followers to grow your audience.

Instead, we focus on increasing your organic growth by posting content your fans actually want to see, showing the heart of your company (you, essentially) and mixing in the occasional-but-strategic boosted post or advertisement. (We'll collab with you on this part; it's not a one-size-fits-all concept.)


Facebook Management

Facebook is constantly changing, which is why we look at your page's stats weekly to determine the best types of posts and the best times to publish them. We use a strategic hashtag strategy and test content to ensure your posts get maximum organic visibility.

Lite Package
3 posts per week | $150 mo

Elite Package
5 posts per week | Analytics Monitoring | Boosted Posts Set Up | $300 mo

social media management for interior designers decorators home stagers

Instagram Management

Because Instagram is owned and operated by Facebook, our strategy is similar. Hashtag curation for each post (25-30 hashtags in the first comment of each image), daily posting, and professional captions come standard. We don't participate in pods or follow chains on your behalf; instead, we focus on posting content that aligns with your brand and delights your fans.

Full Management

Daily posts | Content Curation | $450 mo

social media management for interior designers decorators home stagers

Pinterest Management

Because Pinterest is a search engine rather than a social platform, we approach it differently. We pin around a dozen items per day from your portfolio and from other users according to best practices. Your blog posts are given special priority, as well as any lead magnets, ebooks, or other freebies in an effort to grow your mailing list.

Full Management

12+ pins per day | Board audits | $375 mo